CFU hosts nearly 6,000 Field Days in March and April

Field Days are the MOST convincing way to spread the message about Conservation Farming. We don’t hold them on immaculate, perfectly manicured Demo Plots. No, we hold them on the fields of ordinary farmers who have successfully adopted the technology. These are farmers who face the same challenges and resource constraints as their surrounding communities, and yet, by applying CF have transformed their fields and their outcomes. The results are patently visible for all to see, even in Year One. By hosting a field day, these adopters provide their neighbors with the opportunity to see what can be achieved, what mistakes may have been made, and what they can hope for themselves. So we organised nearly 6,000 of these events in a six week period, attracting an estimated (we haven’t finished counting yet!) 250,000 farmers keen to learn more. Our private sector partners – promoting seed, min-till equipment and agricultural chemicals – were a vital part of this effort, and we would like to thank them for their engagement, and all the farmers who so patiently answered all the questions and hosted the huge groups on their farms. Thank you.

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