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Our CFU Zambia web site is for anybody interested in the promotion of Conservation Farming and Climate Smart Agriculture and we hope you will find it useful. In many parts of Africa, stagnant productivity, population pressure, environmental degradation and the threat of climate change suggest an increasingly bleak future for millions of African families whose livelihoods depend on farming.

Many of us understand the principles of CF which evolved from the disastrous effects of the US Dust Bowl in the 1930’s, but what about the practice? At the CFU we have spent years working out how to transform these principles into practical solutions for the farmers we work with every day.

For many years the CFU has maintained a close working relationship with the Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia, the Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust and many other organizations and we should all take pride in the fact that Zambia is considered a leader in the promotion of CF in our region and beyond.

We must also acknowledge that without the consistent support of the Royal Norwegian Government over the past 16 years, none of the progress we have made would have been possible.

The adoption of CF in Zambia has already improved the livelihoods of tens of thousands of farming families, we know this because they tell us so and we are now also working with partners in Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania. CF works and needs to be promoted as vigourously and widely as possible. What is the alternative, a future of ever increasing disaster relief, deepening poverty and knee jerk responses to crises that eventually overwhelm us all? Perhaps these predictions are too dramatic but there is one certainty. The future of small-scale agriculture in Africa will depend to a considerable extent on how one family husbands their land and by extension how many millions do.

Looking back, what have we achieved in the past 40 years apart from the proliferation of workshops, seminars, and endless discussion? Farmers know nothing of all this and it is of little use to them. They are all out there across the vast African landscape waiting for somebody with real practical experience to come along and show them a better way of doing things.

Some content in this conservation agriculture farming unit website is extensive and may take a few minutes to download – we, at CFU Zambia, think the wait should be worthwhile


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Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

Conservation Agriculture in Zambia Video

Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

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