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Welcome! Conservation Farming Unit is an independent organization which has been working in Zambia since 1996. We work for the promotion of Conservation Farming (CF) and Climate Smart Agricultural practices. In many parts of Africa, stagnant productivity, population pressure, environmental degradation, and the threat of climate change suggest a bleak future for millions of African families whose livelihoods depend on farming. Converting from traditional and conventional farming methods to CF practices can reduce the environmental impact of farming and increase yields. It has already worked for thousands of families, so we are committed to promoting these practices as vigorously and widely as possible. 

At the CFU we have spent years working out how to transform the principles of CF into practical solutions for the farmers we work with every day. For many years the CFU has maintained a close working relationship with the Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia, the Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust, and many other organization. We take pride in the fact that Zambia is considered a leader in the promotion of CF in our region and beyond. 

When visited, the majority of farming families will tell you how the simple, practical methods of CF have improved their nutrition and livelihoods, whether they cultivate very small or larger areas, and have produced better crop yields in dry years than they had previously achieved in normal years. Many are able to achieve a surplus and start selling their produce. 

Among them, many thousands will also show new houses they have built, explain that they can for the first time afford to send their children to school, purchase the items that make life more comfortable and that in the process they have become far more self reliant.

There are of course numerous challenges, but this is what CF is all about.



Conservation Agriculture in Zambia Video

Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

Conservation Agriculture in Zambia Video

Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

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Conservation Agriculture in Uganda

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