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The Conservation Farming Unit (CFU) is an independent organisation registered in Zambia as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It has been historically linked for many years to the Zambia National Farmers Union through a Memorandum of Understanding, and received enormous and critical support from the Royal Norwegian Government between 1996 and 2016. Its activities are now funded in the main through generous aid from the British People, administered by their Department for International Development


Professor Vernon Chinene (Chairperson) Collins Nkatiko (CEO)
Dr Catherine Mungoma
Mike Mailloux
Mr. Anthony Undi
Brenda Mwelwa
Ms. Mpala Nkonkomalimba

Mr. Dutch Gibson (Co-Founder)


The CFU is a closely knit team of 104 staff dedicated to the promotion of Conservation Farming in Zambia and the East and Southern African Region. The experience of our management team in small, medium and large-scale agriculture spans over 40 years, and includes programme and project formulation appraisal and management; commercial farming; farmer to farmer training services and specialized service provision; organization of self-owned farmer groups and associations; private sector input supply and marketing services; tropical and sub-tropical agronomy and much more.



Our clients drive us, African farmers wherever they are, who rely on the land for their livelihoods and seldom if ever benefit from practical doable advice. How can we improve their farming methods, so they can reduce costs and labour inputs, eliminate unnecessary waste, increase their yields and gain access to the services and inputs they require to convert to more efficient farming practices that protect their soils and the environments in which the live?



When we meet CF adopters who have increased their income, are for the first time food secure from one harvest to the next, have built new houses, purchased cattle, solar panels or bicycles, expanded their operations and can afford to send their children to school. But we also know that for every adopter there are many thousands who know nothing about CF – what it really is, how it’s done and how it could benefit them. And so we must go on.



We start with the farmers our customers, and by the experiences gained from this interaction work backwards and update the skills we need and services they require to enable them to progress toward more productive and sustainable farming systems.


Conservation Agriculture in Zambia Video

Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

Conservation Agriculture in Zambia Video

Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

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Conservation Agriculture in Uganda

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